Visual studio 2008
The Visual Studio solution is a Visual Studio 2008 solution, so Visual Studio 2008 is required for compilation.

The solution builds a WSP package using WSPBuilder in a post-build event of the project SPDevExplorer.Solution.
I use version 1.0.5, which is installed through an MSI file. Its default installation path (on my machine) is C:\Program Files\WSPTools\WSPBuilderExtensions.
Make sure that this path is in your PATH environment variable, so the WSPBuilder application can be found:

Start --> Right clik on Computer --> Properties --> Advanced system settings --> Environment Variables...

You can test if the WSPBuilder application can be found by opening a DOS box and typing in wspbuilder:

In the above situation you see an error which occurs due to the wrong version of the library gaclib.dll. It seems it installs the 64 bit dll on my 32 bit machine.
You can find the 32 bits version in C:\Program Files\WSPTools\WSPBuilderExtensions\Resources\x86. Copy the dll from here to C:\Program Files\WSPTools\WSPBuilderExtensions.
You now get the expected result:


The post-build event of the SPDevExplorer.WebServices project copies the webservice dll to a SharePoint web application bin folder for easy debugging.
Make sure this folder matches your machine configuration for the SharePoint site you want to test and debug this on.

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